Thursday, June 27

Mountain Home, Pt. 2

Well, we are homeward bound tomorrow. While I'm looking forward to being back home, in my own bed and with more than just three shirt options, I'm always more than a little sad when it's time to leave. The drive here was towards rest, trees, rivers, lakes, late nights playing cards with my kids. The drive home is towards obligations, stress and all the other things that infringe upon the sanity of everyday life. I always leave inspired to find a way to fit more of the peace and clarity I find up in the mountains to the life that awaits me back at home. Every time, I'm a little more successful. I've said it before, but only because it's true. This place is magic. Something flows in the mountain rivers that revives. Something permeates the air around the dense forest that heals, soothes. There is definitely something to be said for heading off to the sun and the seashore in the summertime, but for me it's green and misty mountains all the way.


Saturday, June 22

Our Mountain Home

I can't even begin to tell you how much our annual trip to North Carolina was exactly what I needed right now. This past week has been the first time in over three years that I've really been able to stop and rest for a minute. No projects have been hanging over my head, no homework is needing to be done after I put the kids in bed. Nothing has been on the schedule but to spend time with my favorite two people in the world. I'll be honest, the first few days we were here I found anxiety and stress trying to creep in and ruin my trip, but I refused to allow it. Inhaling the mountain air is just good for the soul. There is too much beauty to be seen to spend any time being negative. A day spent at Lake James soaking in the sun extinguished all my cares and worries, and we drove home tired but happy. So many new story ideas floated 'round in my head as I watched the sun set behind the mountains. This place is magic. It nourishes. It energizes. It heals. Happy first day of summer to all of you out there! I hope you enjoy the pictures!



Monday, June 10

Prithee, kind sirs and madams!

I'm a little late in posting these pictures, but is it ever really too late to enjoy some pictures from a Renaissance Fest? I think not. I took my kids out to the annual celebration of everything 1555 on Mother's Day. It was the first time visiting for all of us, and we almost immediately decided that we had a new Mother's Day tradition. Next time, I will not be getting on the man-powered swings though. My turkey leg almost came right back up. Enjoy the pics and enjoy the amazing weather we've been having! I love a good, green start to the summer. 


Minstrel Serenades

Birds of Prey!
Mid-joust stretch

Little lord is all tuckered out

Just like The Hand's Tourney, right?