Wednesday, September 26


Hey crickets outside my window, I hear ya. Don't go anywhere just yet. It's barely past summer, and the nights are cool again. I like the reminder that I'm at home, in Tennessee. 

Monday, September 24

Stone Door

Fall is officially here! I day-tripped up to the Stone Door to be able to hike and see all the beautiful trees. It was well worth the trip. Here are some pics. Enjoy! 


Sunday, September 16

Red Barn Round-Up

Today I went to my friend Allison's house for just about the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Once a month during the nice weather seasons, she and her friend Kathryn, host The Red Barn Round-Up. This was the first one of the fall, and was such a perfect laid-back Sunday after a busy Saturday night. Allison's carport-turned-stage has seen some of the most excellent musicians around yodelin' and pickin', sending music out around the neighborhood.  Most of the names are more familiar on Lower Broadway or at the Ryman, but these ladies get them out to East Nashville somehow. Perhaps it's the pie, but more likely it's that everyone wants to be a part of the Round-Up because Allison and Kathryn are flat-out badass and awesome. Today was Kenny Vaughan, Derek Hoke, Chris Scruggs, Chuck Mead...the list goes on. Weather was perfect, beers were flowin', hangovers nursed, door prizes won; it was a great afternoon.  Enjoy the pics! And if you're ever in the neighborhood, you should stop by. Who knows? You might win a prize!


Kathryn and Allison, the lovely hosts!

Friday, September 14

Week 3 with the Girls!

Tonight was seriously great in our sewing class. Aside from some amazing conversations about One Direction, Justin Beiber and Kelly Clarkson, we made a lot of great progress on the girls' final projects. All the fabric has been cut, pressed and pinned. We're ready for the next weeks last class, where they'll finish up their bags. Have really loved sharing my love of sewing and creating with these girls, and feel really lucky to have gotten to know them all better. Enjoy the pics! 


Wednesday, September 12

Time to get away...

Grandfather Mtn.

At some point I must've convinced myself that putting on cold weather clothes helps the seasons change more quickly. Cause for some reason, whenever the weather starts to change I immediately pull out the light sweaters and jeans, even if I can't really wear them without sweating. It never works, but does help me feel a bit better about the hot Tennessee summer finally coming to an end. I've been jonesin' for the mountains of NC this week, especially cause I've been editing through some of my old pictures. Trying to decide which of these I should blow up to majorly huge size and hang on the (no longer) new wall in my kitchen. Thought I'd share a few with y'all, since maybe other folks are ready for some cooler weather too.


Late Summer Rhododendron

Lake Lure

Grandfather Trail

Burnsville Field