Thursday, February 25

Flat Keys...

My piano needs tuning. I had opened the lid up when the kids had dropped some toys inside. They were very easily retrieved. It looked so pretty sitting there with it's lid open, seeing all the nuts and bolts and strings and things. There was even a beautiful inscription on the inside of the lid. So, I left it open. The cold air must've crept down inside, stretching and tightening up the fifty year old strings. Now the D string is terribly, terribly out of tune...or maybe it's that everything else is out of tune, and the D is the only one that's managed to stay put properly. Either piano needs tuning.

My piano also needs playing...but that's another story altogether.

Tuesday, February 16

Friends are like Lasers

So, there are certain things in this life that are (obviously) just far more important than others. For example: lasers vs. ice cream. Lasers obviously. I mean, you can correct vision with them, cut through steel, and they make an awesome sound in Star Wars. Don't get me wrong, I love ice cream. But Macgyver never manipulated the path of pralines'n'cream to go through glass prisms so that he could bust open a rock wall. So it's definitely lasers.

So, friends are like lasers. I mean, ice cream is yummy and delicious, and it's good to indulge every once in a while, but then it starts to melt and gets all sticky and it spills and you realize that you don't even like ice cream that much in the first place (cause you're actually lactose intolerant). So you pull out your laser gun to zap up the sticky ice cream mess. 2 seconds later, totally clean floor. "Thank you laser! Once again you are the best!" Then you stick it back in its holster by the door, always there if you need it, just hangin' out, waiting...being an awesome laser.

Now...if only ninjas had lasers...