Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloweening to everybody! I went trick-r-treating with a skeleton and Punky Brewster, who somehow managed to get in bed on time with only two pieces of candy each. Have to admit, I'm glad all the costuming is over and we can just enjoy the fall. But for the rest of the night, look out: something wicked this way comes!


Friday, October 12

Cemetery Silhouettes

 We decided to get spooky today at our house, and spent the afternoon cutting and pasting til our front window looked just right. The effect seems to be creepy enough, but me slipping while taking a pic resulted in a truly ghostly image of our raven-ridden cemetery. We used handy Martha Stewart raven templates, from to create the birds, and the rest was just cutting and pasting and havin' fun. Hope you enjoy the pics. Crafting spooky headstones all day certainly got us all in the mood for Halloween.

Close View of Right Window

Close View of Left Window

Very glad this only happened cause I slipped, and not cause our house is possessed. 

Tuesday, October 2

Fall Creek Falls

The weekends have been so beautiful that I just want to keep exploring all the woodland trails around Middle Tennessee. Fall is my absolute favorite season to get out into the air and stretch my legs. I drove up to Fall Creek Falls, near Sparta, TN to see some nature this past weekend, and I even made friends with a little Bambi. Hope you're getting outside too!