Wednesday, May 16

Serenity Now!!

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to realize just how important it is for me to take a little bit of time each day for myself. That can be really difficult sometimes, as a single mother of two and full-time student, etc...but about six months ago I began a swimming class that really helped me to see the not only physical, but also emotional benefits of making sure that I work my body several times a week, if not every day. There's something almost inexplicable about pounding the water for an hour and a half, working your hardest even if you're not the fastest in the class, breathing out long and slow into the water as the lane markers go by one by one beneath you...I've left so much stress in that water. I've arrived at class almost in tears before, with life weighing heavy on me, only to leave feeling completely revived and restored. Endorphins are a part of this, I'm sure. But also, it's that time that I've spent stepping away from "life" to focus on becoming and eventually staying fit and healthy that is so rewarding. It's just me and the water, dammit. And as I cut through it, stroke following stroke, the tensions of my day just melt off into the water. Even if I'm not exactly where I'd like to be physically just quite yet, spending time in the water challenging myself to go just a little bit faster this next's ridiculously rewarding. More than any of that though, it's the things that I've left at the bottom of the pool that keeps me going back. To be able to walk away from practice with a tired body, but a clear mind is a beautiful thing at the end of a long, hard day. And on that note, I think it's time for this tired body to get some sleep...

Tuesday, May 8

Summer's Here.

Ahhhh...finally I've gotten to the end of another semester. And only one more year 'til I officially, finally graduate, sexy, square cap and gown and all! My summer is going to be filled with classes as well, but mostly online, so I can't wait to relax a bit and get up to the mountains in July!

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For now though, I have a three week science course that I can't believe I'm so excited about. Well, I can believe I'm excited about it, I just never thought I'd be saying I was excited for a science class. For the rest of the month, I'll be learning the "Chemistry of Cooking CEM3510.01somethingorother". Cooking is something that I already love loads and loads, and I'm really excited about learning more of the science side of why things taste god-awful or different metals affect the food differently...local chefs are going to be demonstrating things for us for our "labs" and we get to take field trips to restaurants for part of class too! tips from my class and new summer travel pictures will be coming in soon and with abundance hopefully! We're beach and mountain bound this summer break, so there'll be lots of things to document.

Hope you're all well.

Summer's Coming!