Saturday, November 24

Paleo - Day 1

So, I'm just gonna be really honest here. My weight has billowed this past few years since I've gone back to school, and I am SO over it. While I'd like to blame it solely on the fact that I now am much more sedentary (studying is much harder to do while running or walking), I also have strayed way off the health path that my former life working at a health food store allowed. I've been pretty hard on myself about it lately, depressed even. However, as the mountains always do, I've really been able to clear my head about it all while on my trip up to North Carolina this weekend. I refuse to just sit back and "let" this weight gain happen to me. I'm nearly 33 and inevitably am going to have a slower metabolism than normal. Instead of ordering pizzas when I'm tired, though, I'm determined to make a concerted effort to change how I look at nourishing myself and my kids. Diets have never been my thing, I've never gone on one before. So in researching this, I knew it needed to be something that I really believe in, rather than just a calorie counting program. I've been hearing a lot about the Paleo Diet from all different sorts of folks. To me, this change is about more than losing weight. It's about taking the time to really care about what I put into my body. I normally don't share these kinds of things with the world, but this change is really important to me. I figured, I'd be more dedicated and accountable to this if I declare it to the world, than if I just start trolling for recipes online. So! I'm nearing the end of Day 1, and so far, have no complaints :). For any of you interested, the recipes for some of my meals today are below. I'm gonna share these every so often, and for any of you out there on similar paths: Good luck!!!! 


Roasted Red Pepper & Pancetta Frittata

1/2 cup diced onion
1/2 cup diced roasted red peppers
1/4 cup uncured, unsalted pancetta - cubed
5 eggs
2 tbsp paleo fat (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil...see paleo website for more options)

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. 

*Sauté onion and pancetta in olive oil until just beginning to change color. 
•Add the peppers and sauté another minute. 
*stir eggs together and pour over onion and pancetta mixture. 
*Put the whole pan in the oven (in and oven-safe skillet) for about 10 minutes, until the top is just beginning to turn golden brown and is set. 


Oven-Roasted Pork Chop with Apples, Pears & Acorn Squash

1 Acorn Squash
1 boneless pork chop
1 honeycrisp apple, diced
1 bosc pear, diced
1/2 cup white onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, chopped
fresh rosemary sprigs
1/4 cup apple cider (with no added sugar)
2 tbsp paleo fat

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. 

*cut squash in half, removing seeds
*place cut side down in a pyrex baking dish
*roast for 30 minutes
*heat paleo oil in oven-proof sauté pan
*sauté onion and garlic until onions are just beginning to soften
*add pork chop to pan, searing all sides until just browned
*add apples, pear and rosemary and cider to pan. 
*reduce oven temperature to 375 degrees
*place pork chop in oven, along with squash, and cook for 25-30 minutes. 

Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloweening to everybody! I went trick-r-treating with a skeleton and Punky Brewster, who somehow managed to get in bed on time with only two pieces of candy each. Have to admit, I'm glad all the costuming is over and we can just enjoy the fall. But for the rest of the night, look out: something wicked this way comes!


Friday, October 12

Cemetery Silhouettes

 We decided to get spooky today at our house, and spent the afternoon cutting and pasting til our front window looked just right. The effect seems to be creepy enough, but me slipping while taking a pic resulted in a truly ghostly image of our raven-ridden cemetery. We used handy Martha Stewart raven templates, from to create the birds, and the rest was just cutting and pasting and havin' fun. Hope you enjoy the pics. Crafting spooky headstones all day certainly got us all in the mood for Halloween.

Close View of Right Window

Close View of Left Window

Very glad this only happened cause I slipped, and not cause our house is possessed. 

Tuesday, October 2

Fall Creek Falls

The weekends have been so beautiful that I just want to keep exploring all the woodland trails around Middle Tennessee. Fall is my absolute favorite season to get out into the air and stretch my legs. I drove up to Fall Creek Falls, near Sparta, TN to see some nature this past weekend, and I even made friends with a little Bambi. Hope you're getting outside too!

Wednesday, September 26


Hey crickets outside my window, I hear ya. Don't go anywhere just yet. It's barely past summer, and the nights are cool again. I like the reminder that I'm at home, in Tennessee. 

Monday, September 24

Stone Door

Fall is officially here! I day-tripped up to the Stone Door to be able to hike and see all the beautiful trees. It was well worth the trip. Here are some pics. Enjoy! 


Sunday, September 16

Red Barn Round-Up

Today I went to my friend Allison's house for just about the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Once a month during the nice weather seasons, she and her friend Kathryn, host The Red Barn Round-Up. This was the first one of the fall, and was such a perfect laid-back Sunday after a busy Saturday night. Allison's carport-turned-stage has seen some of the most excellent musicians around yodelin' and pickin', sending music out around the neighborhood.  Most of the names are more familiar on Lower Broadway or at the Ryman, but these ladies get them out to East Nashville somehow. Perhaps it's the pie, but more likely it's that everyone wants to be a part of the Round-Up because Allison and Kathryn are flat-out badass and awesome. Today was Kenny Vaughan, Derek Hoke, Chris Scruggs, Chuck Mead...the list goes on. Weather was perfect, beers were flowin', hangovers nursed, door prizes won; it was a great afternoon.  Enjoy the pics! And if you're ever in the neighborhood, you should stop by. Who knows? You might win a prize!


Kathryn and Allison, the lovely hosts!

Friday, September 14

Week 3 with the Girls!

Tonight was seriously great in our sewing class. Aside from some amazing conversations about One Direction, Justin Beiber and Kelly Clarkson, we made a lot of great progress on the girls' final projects. All the fabric has been cut, pressed and pinned. We're ready for the next weeks last class, where they'll finish up their bags. Have really loved sharing my love of sewing and creating with these girls, and feel really lucky to have gotten to know them all better. Enjoy the pics! 


Wednesday, September 12

Time to get away...

Grandfather Mtn.

At some point I must've convinced myself that putting on cold weather clothes helps the seasons change more quickly. Cause for some reason, whenever the weather starts to change I immediately pull out the light sweaters and jeans, even if I can't really wear them without sweating. It never works, but does help me feel a bit better about the hot Tennessee summer finally coming to an end. I've been jonesin' for the mountains of NC this week, especially cause I've been editing through some of my old pictures. Trying to decide which of these I should blow up to majorly huge size and hang on the (no longer) new wall in my kitchen. Thought I'd share a few with y'all, since maybe other folks are ready for some cooler weather too.


Late Summer Rhododendron

Lake Lure

Grandfather Trail

Burnsville Field

Friday, August 31

Little Seamstresses

The girls hard at work.

I just wanted to take a minute to post some pictures from our first sewing class tonight. The girls were 
so wonderful at their work, and I'm so excited to see what their final projects will look like in a few weeks! Keep in touch here for more classes coming soon, or connect with me on my nutmeg facebook page here.  Here's a peek at what we did tonight:

Kenya is ready to go!

Bridget working hard on her curved lines!

Aine finishes up her practice lines, while Uma shows off her great work!

Thursday, August 23

New Sewing Dates!

Hey everyone! I'm re-posting this with the added October dates, since so many people responded quickly to the first session. There are 3 spots available in the October session. The September session just had the last spot re-open again, so let me know quickly if your daughter is interested! I'll be doing a session for adults in the wintertime as well, so keep in touch!


Intro Sewing Class!
girls age 10&and up

Session 1 dates:
Friday, August 31st, 4-6pm
Friday, September 7th, 4-6pm
Friday, September 14th, 4-6pm
Friday, September 21st, 4-6pm

Session 2 dates:
Friday, October 19th, 4-6pm
Friday, October 26th, 4-6 pm
Friday, November 2nd, 4-6 pm
**skip a week for my daughter's birthday**
Friday, November 16th, 4-6 pm

what we'll work on:
We will begin with the very basics (sewing in straight lines, curves, etc) and work til the completion of a project of their choosing by the end of the four sessions. No previous sewing experience is necessary or at all expected.

All supplies are included, aside from a fabric of ones choice for their final project. 

What about a Sewing Machine:
If you have one, bring it! If you don't, that's ok. I have several at home that the girls will be able to work on, so there won't ever be someone without a machine. 

$75 if you'd like to pay for the whole class at once
$20 a week, if you pay as you go.

**please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about age limits, dates, sewing machines, etc. I'm really excited to be able to do this, and would love to accomodate everyone that's wanting to participate

Contact info: 
leave a reply here

Sunday, August 19

Crabtree Falls

Came across this little ampitheatre while I was hiking this summer. I'd forgotten about it completely, 'til I loaded the pictures from my camera today...reminded me of why I love taking pictures. Thought I'd share!